Measure C Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Measure C Oversight Committee was established by the ballot language as follows : “In addition to the accountability measures required by law, if any, the District will establish an independent taxpayer oversight committee to provide oversight as to the expenditure of healthcare parcel tax revenues.” The committee meets regularly to ensure that expenditures comply with the specific language of the ballot measure, including limitations on its use.

MemberRoleemailPhoneTerm Expires
Jim HurstChairharbor2@mcn.org707-357-22761/16/22
Steve AntlerVice-chairsantler@mcn.org707-937-08351/16/22
Kathey CharterMembercharters@mcn.org1/16/22
Lea ChristensenMembermjmorris@sonci.net1/16/23
Kay Handley     Memberkayechandley@gmail.com1/16/23
Dennette SawyerMembermommycof6@gmail.com1/16/23

Board liaisons to the committee are John Redding, Treasurer and Amy McColley, Vice-Chair.

Next meeting is scheduled for January, 2022.