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  1. Thank you for this gorgeous and functional website. Please consider adding the Board’s Mission Statement as most recently approved. Great work.

    1. These priorities are the result of a study session earlier in the year to develop a Strategic Plan. There was overall agreement at the time that these were priorities, and no Board member has voiced any objection since.

  2. You did not answer the question. The question asked for this website’s monitor to reveal the date at which these “Board Priorities” were passed by a vote of the MCHCD Board of Directors. The reply above implies that John Redding decided to post them unilaterally. Items posted here should reflect actions taken by the full board and reflected in minutes of the MCHCD Board meetings.

    1. I did answer but not the answer you wanted. I did not author these priorities. I posted them here because they are identified on every agenda. As I mentioned, they came out of a study session and by tacit agreement onto the agendas. Rather than take issue with this, there are many more important things to be worried about — Sherwood Oaks (what role can the District play), loss of Measure C oversight (Board needs to appoint new members ASAP), financial irregularities including the fact that AH is today 24 days late with the Lease Payment.

  3. The zoom recording labeled December 11, 2020 is actually the meeting of the previous day, December 10, 2020.

  4. The post labeled “The District’s Plan for a New Hospital” is a misleading and inaccurate title. This plan has not been approved by the board of directors. More accurately it might be titled, “A Plan for a New Hospital.”

    1. The majority of the plan is historical — revenues, debts, accruing of money for a new hospital. The financial plan to build a new hospital was put in place long before now. The remainder of the plan consists of the portions of the Deveney presentation that were presented in an open session on Dec. 13th. There is no problem calling it the District’s plan.

  5. The document presented under Archived Posts (page 4), titled “Board Accomplishments,” is misleading. This document has never been presented to the full board of directors let alone approved by them. Furthermore, it is in many ways a distortion of the truth. Just one example: The interim CEO was the person responsible for the labor negotiations in 2019.not the MCHCD Board. This so-called list of accomplishments doesn’t even have events presented in the actual years they took place. This list appears to be nothing more than a fanciful doctoring of reality by John Redding. It is astonishing that the rest of the board has allowed this to be presented as an accurate depiction on this website for months. They should stand up for themselves and demand this document be removed from the website.

    1. Respectfully, you have your facts wrong. The Board had several closed session meetings with the CEO to discuss the negotiating strategy, how to respond to the union’s demands, weighing the CFO’s recommendations and finally agreeing to the final settlement. The CEO then went to the union with instructions from the Board. How could it be otherwise? The only thing the Board didn’t do was sit in the same room with the union representatives.

  6. First, John Redding, you are missing the fundamental point. Something should not bear the title District or Board on this website unless it is an item already approved by the voters of the District or the full Board of Directors of MCHCD. A “District” Plan should not possess the name District because you, John, think it deserves it. A District Plan for a new hospital or anything else is something approved by the voters or the Board. I could go into detail dissecting your “Comprehensive Financial Report,” but let’s save something that entertaining for a board meeting. However, you are off base and employing partial truths to defend your one man view presented in the so-called “Accomplishments” list. Again, a document not approved by the board or even presented to the board. You plunked it on the website without consulting the other board members. How do I know? Three of them told me so back in October. Your little partial truth as to the labor negotiations may spring from the first two or three months at the beginning of 2019 when Mike Ellis was both CFO and interim CEO. There may well ave been closed sessions involving Mr. Ells and the board in February or March 2019, but the labor negotiations were not moving forward until a new interim CEO came on board at the beginning of April 2019. That interim CEO provided the successful skills to get a resolution to the long standing stagnation in negotiations. That interim CEO accomplished the successful labor negotiation on his own. The only closed or open session input the board of directors had in that process was being presented with the labor agreement by the interim CEO and approving it with a one time board vote. Please do not continue using these partial truths to try to inflate a bigger falsehood. You are not good enough at it, so I would recommend a cease and desist on your part with the tiny truths and all out falsehoods.

    1. Your opinion does not make it fact. I am trying to communicate with the public by providing information that the public has a right to know. And to make their own judgements that may or may not agree with yours. Your cease and desist is the opposite of transparency. It’s distressing to learn that the Board chair agrees and is seemingly under your influence.

  7. “The District’s Plan for a New Hospital” is an opinion piece written by John Redding. The Mendocino Coast Health Care District has not reviewed/voted on any proposal or plan. Please take this posting down as it misrepresenting the Healthcare District.

    1. I am trying to communicate with the public by providing information that the public has a right to know. The plan is not my opinion but a discussion of what has already taken place. Does the Board have to approve our existing Revenue sources? Our loan repayments? The cash flow? The concepts for facility options have been presented to the public. You are mistaking a plan for how to move forward with the final plan. Please error on the side of transparency.

  8. John Redding, you continue to mistake the fundamental point. It is the labeling of something as “The District Plan” that is the point. By doing so, you are misrepresenting something as if the voters of the healthcare district or its board of directors has approved said plan.
    As Chair McColley clearly stated, the board has not approved this plan. As is, you are promulgating something that hasn’t been approved by a vote of the board as if it has. I find your failure to grasp this regarding the so-called “District Plan for a new Hospital” and the “Board Accomplishments” document (which appears to be solely your work) confounding and disingenuous. Please accede to the direction of the MCHCD Board Chair. In the alternative, state here that you are openly defying the directive of your chair so the public can see where you stand.

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