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Digital painting by Catherine Randall, Fort Bragg CA

  • Comprehensive Financial Report
    A report on the District’s finances is now available. This report pulls together all the financial information of the District into one place. This includes information on the various restricted accounts, long term loans, current cash assets and liabilities, an estimate of how to pay for a new health care facility and an update to the District’s budget. This will be discussed at the Board meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 27, 2022. The first link is for Chrome browsers. https://wordpress.com/page/mchcdorg.com/27 Click here for the report
  • Online Booking of Appointments
    I discovered a much better way to schedule an appointment at the clinic. I called but was disconnected! But then found I could make an appointment online and you know what — I got an appointment for this very same day. See if it works for you and leave me some feedback by using the comment section below. John Redding https://www.adventisthealth.org/doctors
  • Recordings of Board Meetings
    In response to a request from a member of the public, recordings of recent and some past Board meetings are now available at the District’s website. Archived Recordings of Board Meetings. If the link doesn’t work, please scroll down the page to Archived Recordings.


Mission, history, contact information

Board of Directors

Your elected officials, how to contact them, list of accomplishments

Financial News, Reports

Periodic reports on the District’s current financial status and audit reports.

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  1. Thank you for this gorgeous and functional website. Please consider adding the Board’s Mission Statement as most recently approved. Great work.

    1. These priorities are the result of a study session earlier in the year to develop a Strategic Plan. There was overall agreement at the time that these were priorities, and no Board member has voiced any objection since.

  2. You did not answer the question. The question asked for this website’s monitor to reveal the date at which these “Board Priorities” were passed by a vote of the MCHCD Board of Directors. The reply above implies that John Redding decided to post them unilaterally. Items posted here should reflect actions taken by the full board and reflected in minutes of the MCHCD Board meetings.

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